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April, 2016

For information about the 2016 SSKNA Convention in Alpharetta, GA, please visit the conventions page.

August, 2015

Message from Sri Suresh R. Bhandage Chairman of SSK Senior Citizens Association,Hubli.

March, 2015

For information about the 2015 SSKNA Convention in Norristown, PA, please visit the conventions page.

May, 2014

For information about the 2014 SSKNA Convention in Westmont, IL, please visit the conventions page.

Jan, 2013

Minutes of the 2012 SSKNA Convention in Milpitas, California have been posted and can be read here.

March 16, 2013

For information about the 2013 SSKNA Convention in Herndon, VA, please visit the conventions page.

June, 2012

For information about the 2012 SSKNA Convention in Milpitas, Ca, please visit the conventions page.


Welcome to Somavanshiya Sahasrarjun Kshatriya Samaj of North America (SSKNA), an official website which provides us with a wide range of information about the origins of our organization. The SSKNA organization is founded with the aim of the promotion of the religious, social, educational and cultural exchange between the SSK peoples of the United States, Canada, Mexico and India.

Its main goals are to unite, preserve, protect and promote social, economic and educational contacts of samaj members residing in American continent as quoted by Dr. Kabadi. These goals would be best achieved by bringing everyone together, by establishing communication and bonding the SSK Samaj families living in U S, Canada Mexico and India. And that is the reason we have our own website to communicate with our people more efficiently.

The Legend

This article is presented to familiarize young readers to our ancestor Sahasrarjun. His name is part of our community acronym Somavaunshya Sahasrarjun Kshatriya ( S S K). It is a common understanding among the SSKyans that the name Sahasrarjun refers to emperor Arjun, who possessed a thousand hands. These hands were blessed by God Dattatreya for his deep devotion. His dedication to protect the poor and weak subjects, from the social outcasts or adharmies. The word Sahasra virtually means a thousand. For many it means the dominance of emperor Arjun over the evil. Read more...


For generations Somavaunshiya Sahasrarjun Kshatriaya (SSK) genealogy is historically maintained by the Bhats.To entertain, educate and instill pride in SSK heritage they also quote many folklores written in their Potis. Here are some of them...