Youth Page

Our aim is to provide the youth of our SSK community a positive influence through education and assistance. This endeavor will help our youth become the leaders of tomorrow and provide a positive example for future generations. Through this process, our long term goal is to create a vibrant SSK community that sets an example for all to follow!

Below are some programs that we are currently forming.


Students who set themselves apart from others through academic or other excellence may become eligible for a grant. The size of the grant and the method by which it is given is currently being discussed. Some ideas involve using the grant for tuition assistance or travel to research SSK history.


Like the SSKNA organization itself, it would be beneficial for some younger members of our community to get involved by administering the Youth Program. Currently, we are looking to appoint a President, Vice-President, and Secretary. Duties will involve organizing our youth programs, monitoring grants and help maintain the content on the Youth Page website. Other duties may include guidance concerning college/university applications, writing grants, and general mentorship.


It is widely felt that the history of our community should understood by our youth. This foundation will give them an appreciation of their history and culture thereby creating a sense of camaraderie between our people. There is discussion going on whether or not this should be included within the Youth Page or stand by itself on the main page.


The goal of the database is to contain information regarding our youth, their interests and current endeavors. This will help facilitate communication between the youth of the SSKNA and offer potential assistance if possible.


The objective with links on the Youth Page website is to offer resources of where people can get information that may be beneficial to them. This may include links to various academic and program sites, and/or links to personal webpages by members of the SSKNA youth.